“She’s not afraid of color.”
Our tropical designs manifest ethnic flair and appropriate technology.

“Her ideas are so sympatico.”
We design to please our clients, in styles ranging from classic lakefront homes and shingled cottages to bold urban facades and traditional ethnic forms.

“Lavae Aldrich really listens.”
We are a service oriented design firm, emphasizing client satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve your dream.

“I wouldn’t change a thing.”
We design for sustainability and energy conservation. Our tropical designs employ passive cooling for maximum comfort without the need for air conditioning. Our vacation homes emphasize security and low maintenance, in often harsh climates.

“You made it happen, just how I imagined it.”
Aldrich Architects is a full service architecture firm in the US, Mira Luna Design provides design and project management in collaboration with Costa Rican professional engineers.

Aldrich Architects | PO Box 55249 | Shoreline, WA 98155 | USA
206-604-6367 | email: lavae@aldricharchitects.com

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